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Laura Hernandez
Assistant Professor of Lactation Biology

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Peer-Reviewed Articles


Weaver, S. R., A. S. Prichard, N. L. Maerz, A. P. Prichard, E. L. Endres, L. E. Hernandez-Castellano, M. S. Akins, R. M. Bruckmaier, and L. L. Hernandez.  2017.  Elevating serotonin pre-partum alters the Holstein dairy cow adaptation to lactation.  PLoS One. 12(9):e0184939.  PMID: 28922379.

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Conference Proceedings

Laporta J., S.A.E. Moore SAE, S.R. Weaver and L.L. Hernandez. 2014. Serotonin and calcium homeostasis during the transition period. Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference. February 20-21, 2014. Phoenix, AZ.

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