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Matt Akins
Assistant Scientist and Extension Dairy Specialist                                                                   
Peer-Reviewed Articles

W.K. Coblentz, N.M. Esser, P.C. Hoffman, M.S. Akins. 2015. Growth performance and sorting characteristics of corn silage-alfalfa haylage diets with or without forage dilution offered to replacement Holstein dairy heifers. Journal of Dairy Science 98: 8018-8034.Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

E. Remick, M. Akins, H. Su, W. Coblentz. 2016. Sorghum as a forage in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Crop Management Conference.

E. Remick. M. Akins, H. Su, W. Coblentz. 2016. Evaluation of yield and nutritive value of photoperiod-sensitive sorghum and sorghum-sudandgrass. Forage Focus – Midwest Forage Association.

Popular Press Articles 

M.S. Akins and M.A. Hagedorn. 2016. Putting a price tag on raising replacements. Hoards Dairyman. Published April 10, 2016.

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