Babcock Institute

Babcock Institute has closed.

As a consequence of the elimination of federal funding through USDA Special Grants, the Babcock Institute suspended operations as of December 31st, 2014. While we are saddened that we are no longer able to serve as a crossroads for international dairy training and outreach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we are very grateful to have had an impact and success for 24 years. This work has only been possible through wonderful collaborations and partnerships.

Since 1991, the Babcock Institute worked to link the dairy industries in Wisconsin and the U.S. with dairy industries around the world with the goal of improving quality of life and fostering market development. As the leader in international dairy research, development, education and outreach, the Institute worked to transform emerging dairy industries and strengthen the U.S. dairy industry through customized dairy training programs, conferences, research, and market analyses.

Thank you for your support and contribution to the Babcock Institute’s mission!

The Babcock Institute’s website has been shut down. Helpful links for services and connections formerly provided by the Babcock Institute are included below:

• International Agricultural Research Collaborations/Visiting Scholar Opportunities (Contact John Ferrick)
• Dairy Science Educational Programs (Department of Dairy Science)
• Animal Sciences Educational Programs (Department of Animal Science)
• Dairy Processing Educational Programs (Food Science Department)
• Dairy Processing Short Courses (Center for Dairy Research)
• Dairy Training Programs, International Visits and International Dairy Short Course (Contact Karen Nielsen)

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