Dairy Farm Management The graduate program in dairy cattle farm management gives students the foundation, the knowledge and the skills to manage a dairy farm as a successful…

Dairy Genetics The graduate program in animal genetics is interdepartmental, and students pursuing a MS or PhD in Dairy Science with emphasis in animal genetics work closely with faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral research associates…

Dairy Nutrition The nutrition graduate program within the Department of Dairy Science is an internationally renowned group with research addressing questions spanning from applied to basic. The nutrition group is…

Milk Quality The graduate program in Milk Quality is focused on the application of epidemiologic and laboratory techniques to solving practical problems that influence pre-harvest milk quality and safety on dairy farms. An integrated approach…

Lactation Physiology The graduate program in lactation physiology is focused on how the mammary gland utilizes nutrients to assemble milk. Additionally, it is focused on how hormones and growth factors…

Reproductive Physiology The graduate program in reproductive physiology is focused on understanding the physiology underlying the many reproductive problems presented by modern dairy cattle and mitigating those problems through development…

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