Midwest Regional North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge

UW-Madison to host this year’s contest, February 7- 9, 2018

The Midwest North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge (NAIDC) guarantees UW-Madison 8 spots in the contest and if space allows, up to 4 alternates may participate. All teams at the regional contest will be aggregate teams. That means teams will be made up of individuals from different schools and will be assigned to a team with the use of a student skills’ assessment or randomly assigned to an aggregate team by contest management.

If you are interested in participating at the Midwest NAIDC, you must complete a skill assessment. Students chosen to participate will incur no personal cost as the department of Dairy Science will cover registration and all travel expenses. Participation will require students to miss 2 days of class and I will provide instructors with a written note explaining the competition and absence. The department’s selection process will preference students who have completed Dairy Science 233; Dairy Herd Management I.

Contestant Eligibility
Students must have completed not less than one year of course work or equivalent by that
institutions’ graduation rules. Students, with or without a bachelor’s degree, enrolled in graduate or professional studies programs are not eligible. A student is ineligible to be a contestant if he/she has (1) competed at the regional* or NAIDC National Contest, or (2) been an employee or paid consultant of any agricultural organization or service for which his/her duties included on farm dairy consulting (Excluding Internships).
We highly encourage you to consider this great opportunity to apply your dairy skills and network with industry professionals.

Feel free to contact Ted Halbach at tjhalbach@wisc.edu (608.219.5289) if you have any questions.

Midwest Dairy Challenge 2015: 

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