Tawny Chandler

Dr. Heather White

The goal of my research is to evaluate genetic and phenotypic predispositions for transition cow disorders to elucidate disease etiology. Based on this etiology, we use applied research to develop on-farm management and nutritional strategies that are readily implemented. This research is done with the goal of getting accurate, practical, on-farm applications to producers as quickly as possible. In addition, my research uses mechanistic-based approaches to evaluate future on-farm nutrition applications. For example we use molecular-based techniques to study the supplementation of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA, methionine, and choline in transition cows. By combining the understanding of applied research trials and molecular-based studies, we can develop strategies to prevent and improve the management of transition cow disease and metabolic disorders.

BS ’12 Dairy Science, Animal Science, Life Sciences Communication UW-Madison

Summer 2015