Dairy Science Giving Opportunities


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Dairy Science Legacy Scholarshipsestablished to help make attending UW more affordable for both instate and out of state students to make a connection with the department’s best and brightest students.  Many of the existing scholarships are named to honor living or deceased alumni and friends.

Dairy Science Department: established to provide support for departmental initiatives in teaching, outreach and research.

David Dickson Dairy Cattle Judging Team established to provide support for Dairy Cattle Judging Teams.

James W. Crowley Dairy Management & Extension:  established in honor of James W. Crowley to support dairy extension activities and dairy management research.

John C. Elmer Dairy Agricultureestablished in honor of John C. Elmer to support research in dairy agriculture.

Edward H. Farrington Dairy Science:  established in honor of Edward H. Farrington to support department designated projects; supports undergraduate research internships.

George E. Shook International Study Scholarship Fund: established in honor of Professor George Shook, will assist undergraduate students participating in an international study abroad experience.

Neal Jorgensen Dairy Science Endowment:  established to support research and undergraduate scholarships in the Department of Dairy Science.

Roger Palmer Dairy Science Fund:  established to assist graduate students in Dairy Herd Management in the Department of Dairy Science by providing funding for conference travel and conference registration fees.

Robert  P. and Edna B. Niedermeier Dairy Science Memorial Scholarship:  established in honor of Robert P. and Edna B. Niedermeier to provide undergraduate scholarships to Dairy Science majors.

Anton G. “Tony” Sendelbach Scholarship:  established in honor of Anton G. Sendelbach to provide undergraduate scholarships to students from Dairy Herd Improvement farms who are majoring in Dairy Science.

Edna F. & Walter E. Schmidt Merit Scholarship:  established in honor of Edna F. & Walter E. Schmidt to provide funds for the Merit Scholars Program.

William & Janice Ward Family Agriculture Enrichment:  established to enhance undergraduate, graduate and outreach education by providing support to attract students to dairy science, enhance  experiential learning opportunities, to take advantage of unique learning opportunities and technologies and to support faculty in their quest of new instructional approaches and techniques.

Larry D. Satter Dairy Science Scholarship:  established to award scholarship support to deserving undergraduate students in the Dairy Science Department in honor of Larry D. Satter, Professor Emeritus of Dairy Science Nutrition.