Received by Dairy Science Faculty and Staff

Includes individuals active in 2000 and later. Awards received by faculty who retired before 2006 are listed in History of the Dairy Science Department at UW- Madison by L. H. “Bud” Schultz.

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Senior Research Award

Daniel Gianola, 2007

American Dairy Science Association

ADSA Fellow

Ric R. Grummer, 2010

ADSA Foundation Scholar

Kent A. Weigel, 2003

Victor E. Cabrera, 2011

       Laura Hernandez, 2017

Agway Young Scientist

Kent A. Weigel, 2003

Cargill Animal Nutrition Young Scientist Award

Heather White, 2017

American Feed Industry Association

Ric R. Grummer, 1995

Glen A. Broderick, 1996

Louis E. Armentano, 2004

Randy D. Shaver, 2014

DeLaval Dairy Extension

Patrick C. Hoffman, 2003

Randy D Shaver, 2005

Paul M. Fricke, 2008

Pamela L. Ruegg, 2012

International Dairy Production

Michel A Wattiaux, 2002

Land O’Lakes, Purina Feed Teaching Award

Michel A. Wattiaux, 2008

J. L. Lush Animal Breeding

Daniel Gianola, 1989

Kent A. Weigel, 2010

Merial Dairy Management Research

Roger W. Palmer, 2005

Milo C. Wiltbank, 2007

Nutrition Professionals Applied Dairy Nutrition

Randy D. Shaver, 2002

Ric R. Grummer, 2004

Pharmacia Animal Health Physiology

Milo C Wiltbank, 2001

Dupont Pioneer Hi-Bred Forage

Randy D. Shaver, 2008

David K. Combs, 2014

West Agro Milk Quality Research

Pamela L. Ruegg, 2007

National Milk Producers Federation Richard M. Hoyt Graduate Research

J. Richard Pursley, 1996 (Wiltbank mentor)

Daniel Z. Caraviello, 2006 (Weigel mentor)

Alltech Graduate Student Paper Publication

Daniel Z. Caraviello, 2005 (Weigel mentor)

National Milk Producers Federation Graduate Student Paper Presentation

Louis E. Armentano, 1980 (Iowa State)

Land O’Lakes, Purina Feed Graduate Student Poster Presentation

Leane Oliviera (MS), 2009 (Ruegg mentor)

Heather White (PhD), 2009 (Purdue)

Julio Giordano (PhD), 2011 (Fricke mentor)

Spencer Moore (MS), 2014 (Hernandez mentor)

Undergraduate original research paper presentation

Samantha R. Weaver, 2014 (Hernandez mentor)

Midwest ADSA/ ASAS


Randy D. Shaver, 1999

David K. Combs, 2003

Patrick C. Hoffman, 2006

Outstanding Young Teacher

David K. Combs, 1993

Outstanding Young Researcher

Daniel Gianola, 1987

Outstanding Young Extension Specialist

Randy D. Shaver, 1996

Paul M. Fricke, 2006

American Association of Bovine Practitioners

Award of Excellence

Pamela L. Ruegg, 2009

American Statistical Association


Daniel Gianola, 1995

National Association of Animal Breeders

Research Award

Milo C. Wiltbank, 2006

National Mastitis Council


Pamela L. Ruegg, 2010

Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association

Outstanding Service Award

Patrick C. Hoffman, 2003

USDA & Association of Public & Land Grant Universities (North Central Region)

Teaching Award in Food and Agricultural Sciences

Michel A. Wattiaux, 2009

US Department of State & Council for International Exchange of Scholars

Fullbright Scholar

Michel A. Wattiaux, 2007

Honorary Doctorate

Polytechnic University: Valencia, Spain

Daniel Gianola, 2002

George August University: Gottingen, Federal Republic of Germany

Daniel Gianola, 2009

Faculty of Agriculture: Montevideo, Uruguay

Daniel Gianola, 2009

University of Aarhus, Denmark

Daniel Gianola, 2010

Iowa State University

Daniel Gianola, 2011

University of Wisconsin- System

Underkofler Excellence in Teaching

Michel A. Wattiaux, 2012

University of Wisconsin- Extension

Outstanding Specialist

Patrick C. Hoffman, 2011

University of Wisconsin- Madison

Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award

Michel A. Wattiaux, 2006

Chancellor’s Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Research

Sandra J. Bertics, 2002

Xiao-Lin (Nick) Wu, 2012

The Dr. Brenda Pfaehler Award of Excellence

Heather White, 2017

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Arthur J. Mauer Extra Miles Award

Michel Wattiaux, 2017

Pound Research Award

Kent A. Weigel, 2005

Teaching Excellence

David K. Combs, 1992

Michel A. Wattiaux, 2008

Pound Extension Award

Randy D. Shaver, 1993

Pamela L. Ruegg, 2005

Paul M. Fricke, 2006

Kent A. Weigel, 2008

Victor E. Cabrera, 2012

Excellence in International Activities

Michel A. Wattiaux, 2011

Alfred Toepfer Faculty Fellow

Victor E. Cabrera, 2011

Laura L. Hernandez, 2014

       Heather White, 2017

J.S. Donald Excellence in Teaching–Short Course

David K. Combs, 1989

Milo C. Wiltbank, 1999

Theodore J. Halbach, 2005

Kent A. Weigel, 2009

David A. Rhoda, DVM, 2012

Jerry N. Guenther, 2013

Advisor Award of Merit

Ric R. Grummer, 1994

Milo C. Wiltbank, 2005

Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Research

Sandra J. Bertics, 2008

Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Service

Patrick C. Hoffman, 2003

Theodore J. Halbach, 2009

Sandra L. Trower, 2010

Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Leadership

Michael W. Peters, 2010

Classified Staff Recognition Award

Linda L. Cunningham, 2009

Randal L. Jones, 2013

CALS Ag Research Stations–Excellence in Research

Patrick C. Hoffman, 2008

Thomsen Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Daniel Caraviello, 2004 (Weigel mentor)

Wen Huang, 2010 (Khatib mentor)

Wisconsin Association of County Agricultural Agents

Second Mile Award

Randy D. Shaver, 1991

Patrick C. Hoffman, 1992

David K. Combs, 1998

Paul M. Fricke, 2010

Victor E. Cabrera, 2013

Wisconsin Forage Council

Outstanding Forage Researcher

Patrick C. Hoffman, 1992

David K. Combs, 1996

Outstanding Forage Educator

Patrick C. Hoffman, 2003

Wisconsin Association of 4-H Youth Development Professionals

Video Program Award

Theodore J. Halbach, 2003

Other Awards of Distinction

University Florida, School of Natural Resources & Environment: Distinguished achievement Award

Victor E. Cabrera, 2012

Educator award of the north american colleges and teachers for agriculture (Nacta)

Michel Wattiaux, 2017.

CSCTR/MWAFMR Combined Annual Meeting Oral Presentation Award

Sebastian Arriola Apelo, 2017

Award for Meritorious Service, American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey

Kent Weigel, 2017

AgSource Cooperative Friend of the Cooperative Award

Heather White, 2017