Student Profile: Carissa Brooks

Name: Carissa Brooks

Hometown: Monroe, WI

High School: Monroe High School

Class Size: 163

Farm: Brooks Dairy Farm (~100 cows)

Major: Dairy Science with CALS Business Certificate


Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison?

I decided to attend UW-Madison because of the hands-on learning opportunities, especially within the Dairy Science Department. I also love Badger Football (and have been fortunate enough to get season tickets every year) so that definitely influenced my decision.

What has been your most memorable college experience?

I had the opportunity to spend this past summer on a dairy farm in Ireland as a result of some of the contacts I’ve made here on campus. Not only did I get to see a lot of the country, but I also learned a lot about different types of farming practices.

What has been your favorite course?

My favorite course has been Dairy Science 535, the capstone class. In this class, we worked in groups and spent the semester creating recommendations for a farm. I learned a lot from working with my peers and it was a good way to apply what we’ve been learning in the classroom to a real-life scenario.

What are your future career goals?

I graduate in December and am looking for a calf manager position or herdsman position. Eventually, I would like to return to the family farm.