Student Profile: Silpa Reddy

Name: Silpa Reddy

Hometown: Hyderabad, India/Singapore

High School: United World College of South East Asia

Class Size: 300

Company: Dodla Dairy Limited

Major: Dairy Science & Agriculture and Applied Economics



Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison?

To be honest, I didn’t even know we had a football team when I got here. I did my research based solely around the Dairy Science and Ag Econ programs. Where better to learn about the dairy industry than in the dairy state?

What has been your most memorable college experience?

I’d have to go with the blizzard we had our freshman year. That was the first time I’d ever actually seen snow, or been in temperatures below 80 degrees. It all looked so magical until I got hit in the face by a snowball.

What has been your favorite course?

Hands down Reproductive Physiology 434. That was the first time I’ve ever actually physically handled a cow. The amount I learned from that class has been unrivaled so far. The fact that I got the opportunity to work so closely with live animals was an incredible learning experience.

What are your future career goals?

As of now the plan is to go back to India and help out with the family business. We procure, process and sell milk/dairy products under the name Dodla Dairy. We hope to vertically integrate and start producing our own milk as well. So my goal is to head back and start working on improving dairy standards in the Indian subcontinent as well as in Uganda, where we currently are running a processing plant.