Internship Profile: Kayla Krueger

Name: Kayla Krueger

Hometown: Marion, WI

Year: Senior

Major other than DySci: Minor in Agricultural Business

Internship Employer: Zoetis Animal Health

Learning objective: The Zoetis Summer Sales Intern Program is a 10 week program designed to provide candidates experience in on-farm selling focusing on the U.S. dairy industry. It provides an opportunity for students to evaluate selling as a potential career by giving them responsibilities similar to a full time Territory Manager.

Description of internship: The Zoetis internship is an invaluable real world job experience. I work under the 4 Territory Business Managers and 1 Quality Milk Specialist for Northern Wisconsin. I am assigned to work for either a Vet Clinic or Distributor Company every day. They provide for me a list of farms to visit for that particular day as I then do cold calls to these dairy producers. For this summer, I have been trained to promote the Zoetis’ Dry Cow Program as well as Hoof-Tec. I go to these farms, and consult with them issues they may be having on their farm and how we can change them by utilizing our particular drugs or vaccines. At the end of the summer, I will travel to New Jersey and present to the corporate directors what happened during my summer. At that time, I will be assessed on if I reached my sale goals as well.

Favorite part so far: My favorite part of this internship is the networking opportunity. I have met so many dairy producers from around Wisconsin, and hope to continue those relationships in the future. I have found this internship to be where my passion lies, so I am thrilled to find within this internship something I want to pursue in the future.

Most interesting thing you have learned: The most interesting thing I have learned during my internship is how diverse the dairy industry truly is here in the State of Wisconsin. I have been on a wide range of herd sizes – 30 cow farms to 5,000 cow dairies – vastly wide spread throughout the state. I find it very interesting on how technology and overall advancements are so locationally affected as well.

How does this internship fit with your long-term goals? I plan to pursue a career after graduation in pharmaceutical sales. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work for this animal health company, and hope to graduate and go into this career field. After doing this internship, I realize this is what I want to do.