Internship Profile: Erica Ballmer

Name: Erica BallmerDy Sci Blog

Hometown: Janesville, WI

Year: Senior

Major other than DySci: Life Sciences Communication (Certificates: CALS Business Certificate / German)

Internship Employer: Case IH (CNH Industrial)

Learning objective: My learning objective is to learn about agricultural marketing from the corporate perspective. I hope to learn more about business to business marketing as well as corporate event planning and how events play a role in the overall marketing scheme.

Description of internship: As the Case IH Events Marketing Intern, my primary responsibilities include providing event support for Case IH internal events. Some of my responsibilities include setting-up and tearing-down event facilities, ordering catering, contacting and communicating with workshop presenters and aiding in creation of post-event surveys. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend various meetings focusing on topics such as product launch, corporate events, farm shows, project management, sales resources, and product training.

My primary project for the summer has entailed the creation of a marketing plan – conducting a competitive analysis and identifying best practices and next actions to move forward with. For this project, I’ve also conducted discussions and interviews with product marketing managers to gain insight on their thoughts and feelings on the project and incorporate their ideas into the overall plan.

Favorite part so far: One of the projects I am working on this summer deals with Case IH manufacturing operations. For this project, I’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the Midwest and visit Case IH plants. It’s been quite an interesting experience to drive travel over 2500 miles and visit new places. I’ve enjoyed getting out of the office and viewing different aspects of the company every once and awhile.

Most interesting thing you have learned: When planning events, rarely does everything go exactly as planned. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared, have a back-up plan, remain flexible and adjust to circumstances as they arise.

How does this internship fit with your long-term goals?In the future, I hope to pursue a communications or marketing related role at an agricultural business. Through this internship, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the Case IH Marketing Communications team and see first-hand what such a role might entail.

Beyond that, I hope to receive a Master’s Degree, so that I may someday pursue a career as a 4-H and Youth Development Agent. In such a role, event planning knowledge and experience is bound to be of great use.

Overall, the experience this summer has been a tremendous opportunity for me to explore my interests in marketing, communications, and event planning as it pertains to the agricultural industry.