Internship Profile: Megan Opperman

Name: Megan Opperman

megoHometown: Rockford, IL

Year: Senior

Major other than Dy Sci: Certificate in Business Management for Agriculture & Life Sciences

Internship Employer: Golden Oaks Farm

Learning objective: My learning objectives for my internship are to become proficient in my cattle care practices such as treating cows and breeding as well as to gain a better understanding of how the day-to-day operations are managed on a large dairy farm. While doing this I also wish to become more skilled at caring for show cattle.

Description of internship: I am responsible for helping to feed and milk the group of cows that will be attending various shows this summer. In addition to this I care for the show heifers as well as the barn of higher genetic value heifers on the farm. I spend the rest of the day doing various activities in the show barn or in the commercial barn. Some things that I have helped with in the commercial barn include treating sick cows, breeding cows and heifers, and herd health checks. I am also responsible for helping with calf feeding every other weekend.

Favorite part so far: My favorite part of the internship so far was hosting one of the tours for tour day at the National Holstein Convention. It was a great opportunity to meet many Holstein enthusiasts from all over the United States as well as having a chance to showcase the animals that we are working with at Golden Oaks Farm.

Most interesting thing you have learned: The most interesting thing I have learned is how to properly give an IV. It has been a great opportunity to work alongside the herdsmen to become skilled at practices such as this.

How does this internship fit with your long-term goals? In the future I would like to find a career path that allows me to work with cows every day. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and become more knowledgeable in caring for dairy cattle.