Internship Profile: Rob Fugate

Name: Robert (Rob) FugateFugate 2

Hometown: Grafton, Wisconsin

Year: Junior

Major other than DySci: Computer Science

Internship Employer: UW-Dairy Science Department, White Lab Group

Learning objective: To learn how to utilize several computer programs to analyze data for many kinds of data sets from several projects and to learn software relating to GWAS studies. As well, I will be going to farms to assist with sampling to get better acquainted with working farm conditions.

Description of internship: My role in the White Lab group involves providing assistance on the numerous projects the group is working on. Honestly, no two days are quite the same. I bounce between helping with morning samplings at either a commercial farm or Arlington. If not out sampling, I’m back at the lab and can usually be found sitting in front of the computer for the rest of the day. Most of my work ends up revolving around data management for the group. If someone needs Excel work done, I’m the one who gets it done. In addition to Excel, I’m learning JMP and genomics software to help with a few upcoming projects. As the summer progresses, I will be spending more time working on a Jersey genomics project relating to subclinical ketosis.

Most interesting thing you have learned: This past week, I began experimenting with statistics software JMP. The lab has several projects nearing the point of statistical analysis, and we are looking to utilize JMP to do this. Having previously taken a statistics course, I felt the analysis of statistics was fairly intimidating. However, through learning JMP, I’m beginning to see how well created software can help make problems less challenging and really strengthen the research one can perform.

How does this internship fit with your long-term goals? I am currently looking at moving into a technical role at an agricultural company following college. This internship is allowing me to learn many pertinent computer programs and just general real world work experience that I can use to transfer into a career with greater ease.