Asking the Alumni: Brandon Kruswick

Working with young heifers at Yosemite Jersey Dairy

Working with young heifers at Yosemite Jersey Dairy

Name: Brandon Kruswick
UW Degree(s) and Year(s): Dairy Science – Business, ‘12
Current City: Algoma, WI
Hometown: Algoma, WI
Current Position & Company: Reproductive Specialist – NorthStar Cooperative Select Sires
Past Work Experience: Assistant Manager – Yosemite Jersey Dairy

What is your agriculture background?
I grew up on my family’s 300 cow dairy farm, working with calves and young stock. I showed cattle at the local county and state fair. I was active in the Wisconsin Holstein Association on the Door County Dairy Quiz Bowl team.

What made you want to be a dairy science major at UW?
My family sold our dairy operation when I was in the 8th grade, and I decided to continue my involvement in the dairy industry by pursuing a degree in Dairy Science at UW-Madison. With my involvement in the Wisconsin Holstein activities, I became familiar with the UW-Madison campus and knew that it was going to be the place for me.

How has a degree in dairy science at UW been a benefit to you in the workplace?
Not only did it provide me with an in-depth education on a wide variety of industry topics, I was able to establish connections with industry leaders.

What clubs/activities were you involved in on campus?
I was involved in the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity serving as the Vice President of Management and Operations and Vice President of Membership Development. I was an active member of the Badger Dairy Club and a founding member of the Collegiate Farm Bureau serving as Director at Large.

What within these clubs/activities have made a big difference in your life after college?
Having leadership positions within these clubs have helped me on the job working with other employees being able to provide leadership for the team.

Riding up a mountain to the State Scientific Station of the University of Guadalajara

Riding up a mountain to the State Scientific Station of the University of Guadalajara

What was one of your favorite dairy science courses, and do you have any specific memories from it that you would like to share?
Dairy Science 375 – Mexico Study Tour & Seminar was one of my favorites, learning about dairy production in emerging economies. As a part of the class I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico to tour various agricultural operations throughout the country varying from a large 500 cow modern milking facility to a family living in the mountains that milks 5 cows and carry their milk to a cheese factory using a donkey.

If you could give advice to your college-aged-self, what would it be?
I would advise myself to take more non-required animal science classes, taking full advantage of the world class opportunities the UW-Madison Animal and Dairy Science departments have to offer.

What advice do you have for current college students?
Don’t be afraid to join a wide variety of clubs and organizations and step outside of your comfort zone to meet new people.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of having a specific career plan directly out of college. It made my time at UW-Madison much easier knowing what courses I needed to take in order to prepare myself for my future career.

What are your goals for the future still ahead of you?
I would like to start my own business combining my industry connections, education, and prior work experiences.