Senior Profile: Ryan Horsens

Name: Ryan HorsensRyan Horsens
Hometown: Cecil, Wis.
High School: Gillett High School
Class Size: 50
Farm: Horsens Homestead Farms
Major: Dairy Science

Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison?
I decided to attend UW-Madison because I thought it would give me the best opportunity to be successful in the future, also my uncle made Madison sound like a pretty cool place where I could have fun.

What has been your most memorable college experience?
My most memorable college experiences have been my two trips to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and the Final Four Trip to Dallas.

What has been your favorite course?
My favorite course I have taken was Dairy Science 375: Reproductive Management for Dairy Cattle with Milo Wiltbank because of the practical implications and hands on experience it gives you.

What are your future career goals?
My future career goals are to get several years of experience in the industry to hopefully learn something new to bring back to our family farm where I plan on staying for the rest of my life.