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Michel A. Wattiaux
Professor of Dairy Systems Management

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Powell, J.M., Rotz, C.A., and Wattiaux M. A. 2014.  Potential use of milk urea N as a management tool to abate atmospheric nitrogen emissions from Wisconsin dairy farms. Journal of Environmental Quality.

Aguerre M.J., Wattiaux M.A., Powell, J.M. 2012. Emissions of ammonia, nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide during storage of dairy cow manure as affected by dietary forage-to-concentrate ratio and crust formation. Journal of Dairy Science. 95: 7409–7416.

Aguerre M.J., Wattiaux, M.A., Hunt T., Lobos, N.E. 2012. Effect of nitrogen content and additional straw on changes in chemical composition, volatile losses, and ammonia emissions from dairy manure during long-term storage. Journal of Dairy Science. 95: 3454-3466.

Aguerre, M.J., Wattiaux, M.A., Powell, J.M., Broderick, G.A., Arndt, C. 2011. Effect of forage-to-concentrate ratio in dairy cow diets on emission of methane, carbon dioxide, and ammonia, lactation performance, and manure excretion. Journal of Dairy Science. 94: 3081–3093.

Powell, J.M. Aguerre, M.J., Wattiaux, M.A. 2011. Dietary Crude Protein and Tannin Impact Dairy Manure Chemistry and Ammonia Emissions from Incubated Soils.
Journal of Environmental Quality. 40(6):1767-74.

Powell, J.M. Aguerre, M.J., Wattiaux, M.A. 2011. Tannin Extracts Abate Ammonia Emissions from Simulated Dairy Barn Floors.

Aguerre, M.J., Wattiaux, M.A., Hunt. T., Larget, B.R. 2010. Effect of dietary crude protein on ammonia-N emission measured by herd nitrogen mass balance in a freestall dairy barn managed under farm-like conditions. Animal. 4:8, 1390–1400.

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