Dairy Science Showcase

UntitledThe 2015 Dairy Science Showcase will be held Nov. 3, 2015 at Dejope Hall

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About the Showcase:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Dairy Science invites department alumni and stakeholders to attend its third annual Dairy Science Showcase on Tuesday, Nov. 3 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at campus’ Dejope Hall.

The Showcase, designed to highlight the department’s research, extension and instructional efforts, will kick-off with talks by faculty members on findings from the “Genomic Selection and Herd Management to Improve Feed Efficiency of the Dairy Industry” project. It will be followed by graduate student presentations on other current research initiatives. Participants also will have the opportunity to meet with master’s and doctoral students during a research poster session and help honor undergraduate scholarship recipients during a brief awards ceremony.

The department is a major player in the $5 million National Institute of Food and Agriculture project that will deliver genomic predictions for residual feed intake (RFI) to the dairy industry. This trait will be used to select animals that digest feed and convert it to milk and body tissue more efficiently than their herdmates. Along with collaborators at Michigan State, Iowa State, Virginia Tech, Florida, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Wageningen University (Netherlands), and the Scottish Agricultural College, the researchers have measured individual dry matter intakes of roughly 6,000 Holstein cows to date. Results of the genetic, nutritional, and management aspects of this work will be presented.

Kent Weigel, professor and chair of the dairy science department, says the primary purpose of the Showcase is to foster interactions between the department’s campus community and its alumni and industry stakeholders. “We want our alumni and stakeholders to meet our new staff, graduate students and undergrads,” he says. “We also want to recognize those who have helped support our programs by sponsoring research projects, funding scholarships and contributing in countless other ways.”

As a steward of public trust and private investment, the UW-Madison dairy science program is committed to providing cutting-edge, science-based knowledge for the industry and unparalleled training to students interested in pursuing careers in the field. The department’s goal is to improve the quality of milk and the efficiency and profitability of its production around the world.

To attend the Dairy Science Showcase, please register online by October 23rd at dysci.wisc.edu/showcase/. Registration is free and covers complementary lunches and an ice cream social for participants. All activities will be held at campus’ Dejope Hall, located at 640 Elm Drive. Parking passes can be purchased when registering for the event.

For Dairy Science Showcase sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Ted Halbach by e-mail at tjhalbach@wisc.edu or phone at (608) 219-5289.
Kent Weigel by email at kweigel@wisc.edu or phone at (608) 263-4321.